The Grav Labs Extract Taster was one of the first portable concentrate tools I ever tried and I was in love with it.  I’m am what you could call a Grav Labs Fanboy.  The series of waterpipes they came out with in their latest winter catalog are works of art.  I wanted to take a second to review a Grav Labs tool that in a short time has become a mainstay of the official canon of portable extract tools.  I love the look of the Grav Labs Extract Taster, the thoughtful design.  It seems like a small, elegant and portable solution.  Since it was first introduced I’ve used other portable tools like the Dr. Dabber Boost , extract vaporizer pens and small pocket sized nectar collectors, all comparable in size to the Grav Labs Extract Taster.  Now that I’m more experienced in the portable realm of tools  I’d have to say the Grav Labs Extract Taster is a beautiful device with a few drawbacks.

I love the size of the tool.  You can easily fit it in your pocket in a pinch and it has one of the smallest footprints of any tool.  I’m having a hard time thinking of a tool that is smaller at the moment.  That’s a big bonus for most of us who aren’t interested in lugging around anything fragile and hard to conseil.  One of the problems with all these extract tools is that they tend to build up residue or get sticky.  This first world problem is a huge one for me.  This means I need to find some kind of case for the extract taster to be carried in because I’m not down to be vaporizing all this pocket lint and whatever else might get stuck on the little chillum.  That action kinda grosses me out.

Grav Labs Extract Taster inside a TightPac Party Pac Storage Tube

One of the solutions, and one of my favorite solutions for this kind a small storage action is to use a TightPac PartyPac size tube as a little home for my Grav Labs Taster.  These tubes come in several sizes and chances are there is a perfect size any size chillumn.  You’ll find he fits perfectly inside the large oblong Tight-Pack perfectly and also keeps your little extract buddy safe.  The other thing it does well is keep the sticky under control.  It’ll get a little gummy inside depending on how you’re globbing it up but this will help control the mess.   It’s easy to clean too, it’s hard plastic so a little alcohol will do the trick.

Another thing that’s nice about this little taster is that you don’t need a huge torch to heat the thing up.  I’ve been using a small pocket sized Zico butane torch to heat up the little scoop and it works nicely.  The little glass nail will get nice and red hot with just about 60 seconds of heating and only takes about 3 minutes to completely cool so you can pop it back in the tight pack.  Be sure you inspect the distance from the nail to the opening where you’ll be drawing the vapor.  Having seen hundreds of these I’ve noticed that there is a slight difference in the amount of room you have between the scoop and the opening.  Which brings me to the next point… you still need to use a tool.  Not having to use a tool is one of the things I like most about nectar collectors.  With nectar collectors you’ll be able to just use your dish and it takes the tool completely out of the equation.  I like that kind of simplicity.  It’s easy to find a tool that suits this little guy and fits nicely into the tight pack alongside the taster.  I recommend something like these Mini Wax Spoons that can be cheaply purchased on amazon and they match the size of your chillum so they can be kept in the same little container too.

My one major gripe with the Grav Labs Extract Taster is that it should have more of a dish.  The little borosilicate scoop does have an slight indention on it so it forms somewhat of a bowl but it’s very shallow.  I think the extract taster should have a deeper dish, maybe like a mini banger.  The way it is now, if you don’t hold the scoop level to the ground as you place the extract on the scoop’s dish, depending on the glob, it may roll off the scoop and land on your pants or on the ground.  That really sucks.  So maybe I’m trying to glob it up a little too hard and it really is just a “taste” you get with the taster but hey… let’s be real.  How are people really going to use it.

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