I was hanging out a the local smoke shop and a dude came in wanting some humidity disks, like people use for roll you own tobacco.  They didn’t have any but we got into a conversation about humidity control because I roll my own tobacco sometimes.  Turns out he wasn’t looking for humidity disks for tobacco at all.  I had never seen anyone use those for other dry herbs.  That conversation got me thinking more about my cannabis storage and I ended up googling around and trying to find some better way to preserve and store my cannabis.

Turns out there’s a company leading the charge in medical cannabis storage, Boveda.  I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a few of these packs and have been using them for about a week. That’s  not long enough for me to make my own judgments on the product but the reviews across the internet seem to hold these little humidity pack in high regard.  This seems a little weird to me because I’ve yet to run into a person who knows about them.

What do you use to store your cannabis?  Would you use Boveda? Why?