Full disclosure, I didn’t just go to the local smoke shop and pick up a Prometheus Titan.  When I first saw the thing I thought it might be dumb.  Why create a glass metal hybrid pipe?  I didn’t really see the purpose.  Either you’re OK with metal pipes (in this case aircraft grade aluminum) or you like glass.  Most of the people I encounter are more glass snobs than anything else.  The Prometheus Titan was a gift from a generous person.  I never had a desire to own a Prometheus Titan and the $150.00 price tag is out of the park in terms of what I usually spend for a hand pipe.

My love of the Titan came through it’s use.  At first I felt like I was a little clumsily with it.  The weight of the Titan is substantial in comparison to just about any other hand pipe you might own.  This metal is pretty darn thick.  It will take you a second to get used to the size and weight of it.  I recommend just using it for a bit because you’ll fall in love.  A friend came over last night and the Titan has become the most comfortable smoking pipe I own.  Part of the comfort you’ll enjoy with the Titan is the screen protecting the stem.  If you’ve taken your Titan apart and put it back together leaving out this screen you’re nuts.  This little screen is one of the secret keys to my love for this bad ass little beauty.  You’ll never pull any ashes through this thing so you can comfortably draw on the pipe with out any worries.  The bowl has a very wide opening but it’s the perfect size for a little glass daisy or honeycomb screen.  This is probably one of those features that helps this piece achieved such great airflow.

I don’t mean to just write good things about this pipe so let me tell you a few things I’ve been thinking about. Actually the bowl mine came with had a very small crack in it. It’s at the very bottom so it’s not harming anything and hasn’t lead to a break yet. It has a lot of little parts that are required for it to work properly. That seems like a limitation. I’ve already completely torn it apart removing every o-ring. I’m one of those OCD smokers so I’ve already ordered and received two replacement bowls for this bad boy and good news, they actually sent me a full set of o-rings and screens for this thing with each bowl so I have an abundance of replacement parts for this bad boy. That’s nice. I don’t know how hard these will be to find in the future, however. I also have an extra tube. In total i probably spent about $55.00 in replacement parts already but that just because it’s a treasured piece of my collection and I can’t stand the thought of it being out of commission.

I’m also not happy with some of the billboards on the pipe. I think there is a full URL to the companies Facebook page, which seems kinda tacky for a pipe that is so well constructed. There’s definitely a good feeling when all the homies are over and we can all have a comfortable smoke with a very nice pipe.