When you’re looking to purchase a wax pen you’re facing a billion choices at this point in the extract pen market.  There are a few things to consider besides the cost too, like how you’re going to find replacement coils, what if your battery goes out?  How is your atomizer head threaded?  I know the g-pen by grenco science has a non-standard 510 threaded head on some models so other atomizer heads won’t screw onto the g-pen battery.  That kinda sucks when you’re wanting to switch things up and wish it would just work.  You don’t want to find yourself in that situation so you want to make an educated decision.  I think the R-Pen by Stok is a reasonable choice for a discreet and effective pen.

What’s Inside The Box

Stok R-Pen Series 2The deceptively small box houses quite a bit of gear and every last bit of it you’ll need.  I have to admit, they’ve put together a pretty sweet kit, especially if you’re just starting out with concentrates.  It’s pretty much everything you need.  Here’s the list:

  • Non-stick Extract Jar
  • Small Discrete Battery
  • 2 (two) 510 Threaded Atomizer Heads with Ceramic Rod & Plastic Chamber
  • Battery Charger
  • Extract Tool (it’s nice)
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Instruction Manual

That’s a lot of stuff for a little box and a small price tag of just $49.99.  You’re going to end up picking up most of this gear in the end so you might as well just get the kit.  I still use the extract tool regularly and it makes a great travel tool for when you’re on the go.  I keep mine in a little Doob Tube to keep the sticky off everything.

The Style

The first thing that sucked me into the R-Pen was the style.  It is stealth.  The R-Pen has a look that makes it something you can put into your shirt pocket or clip on your polo color if you’re forced to dress like a McDickerson for work.  It’s that descreet.  Odor from the R-Pen is non existent with the device capped.  I’ve never sad down and though, “Damn… I can smell that wax stank’n.”.  The other models Stok manufactures are a little more bulky or less discrete than this unit which is what makes it a favorite of mine.  Just hope someone doesn’t ask if they can use your pen.

The Function

I bought my first R-Pen when it was the series 1 atomizer and I loved it.  Stok is now already on the Series 2 atomizer and that means the lowest cost pen, the R-Pen (there are two other models at this point), features a ceramic rod within the coil dish.  a nice feature.  The Series 1 atomizer had a cloth wick… it worked but looked like a nasty thing. Even with the battery it came with it’s a great burner.  I’ve swapped out my battery for a 510 threaded variable voltage battery at this point for more power and control.  I have sacrificed some of the stealthy look for that though.  This unit on it’s original battery will make you cough.  Pack that chamber pretty good and light it up. You’ll love seeing the smoke bubble up, thick and beautiful, right before you take a rip.  It puts on a little show for you.

Any Downsides?

You’ve got to be careful with a few little things.  You can overload the chamber by just packing that puppy with too much oil.  Speaking of oil, I feel like the R-Pen is best suited for oil.  I didn’t really have great results with extracts that have a firm consistency, like shatter.  My homie uses the Stok OG Four 2.0 for shatter all the time and that seems to work great.  I feel like this pen is for oil though.  If you’re in a large group you may noticed that the pen will blink at you sometimes.  This unit seems like it times out on it’s own after some pretty excessive use.  It’s more ideal for personal use rather than for several people at one time.