So Delton and I have spoken many times about the differences between Star Wars, and Star Trek. I can’t say I qualify as half the Star Wars nerd in comparison to the consumption that plague’s Delton’s nerdom in the Trekkfield; but I nevertheless am a movie, music, and plot nerd, so I have decided to take a challenge to finish the entire series of Star Trek. I have seen a few seasons, my father loved the show growing up, but I don’t remember a lot of them, so to give it a fair chance I have decided to watch the entire Trek genre.

Thus far I have watched the first episode, “The Cage” in which Captain Kirk is trapped in an illusionary  cage of sorts by a highly advanced race set on propagating through mutual codependency with humans. A quite humorous episode with a lot of  the common troupes you still see today in campy science fiction, or likewise most Sci Fi. “The Cage” begins with a myriad of deep topical dialogue displayed with beautiful characters and efficient plot development. In today’s comparison the graphics and scientific concepts are adequate, with graces given to the film period’s lack of current gen cg or film quality. The music, as well, seemed to captivate the scenes, bringing a certain mood with each swoon. These are all basic qualities that a good Sci Fi should have, and both the Phantom Menace and the first episode of Star Trek share these descriptors.

I’ll see what kind of marathon I can watch through today, and keep you updated in the comments. #StarTrek #StarWars #Campy