I’m a fan of pretty much all Sci-Fi but especially the biggies like Star Wars and Star Trek.  I know not all geeks like to cross that barrier and some go balls deep into one or the other but I go both ways (no pun intended).  That being said… I was still sceptical going into the first episode of Enterprise.  I hadn’t heard anything about it, I hadn’t read anything about it and it definitely hasn’t received the same geek fanfare across the internet as do some of the other Star Trek characters we all know and love.  Let’s just say I didn’t expect to get very far into the first episode.

I’m going to have to say I loved it.  Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer is on point.  Again, I’m going to stress that I was starting out from a point of skepticism.  Bakula immediately filled that role in the show and even before the opening credits rolled he had already become the captain of the experimental NX-01 Enterprise.  He was a cool dude.  As soon as the opening credits rolled and I heard the theme song… I was thinking “What the fuck am I watching.”.  I wasn’t sure anymore.  Then the theme song was over and the coolness resumed.

T'Pol - Vulcan HottieThe timeline within the Star Trek universe this show takes place in is after first contact with the Vulcans but right before first contact with the Klingons (this happens in the first two part episode).  This part of Starfleet history didn’t really sound that interesting to me but I was sucked in by the end of this two parter.  The rest of the cast is great too.  I have to give props to the Star Trek franchise in woking in a really hot scene with Vulcan T’Pol.  They do a great job of objectifying her with a scene where some kid of gel has to be rubbed all over her body, those bastards.  You’d think we’d be over that kind of ostentatious nipple scene by now but… nope.  This is one for the records though.  Actress Jolene Blalock is sitting high and tight.  This one couldn’t have been pulled off with more style.

In short, I think the first two part episode has all the elements of success.  There is a bad ass spaceship with a captain what doesn’t hesitate to talk some shit and kick some ass.  Bakula pulls out his phaser with a quickness at the first sign of a stir and they’re just gunning aliens down without regard, even stops in the middle of it all for a quick smooch with one too.  Then before you know it, bang… you’re back on a ship and rubbing down a hot vulcan with lube, fuck it.  These early star fleet officers seem like they were all cowboys in the same blood in their veins as Kirk.  Love it.