If you’ve never heard of Kill Command don’t worry, I’m not sure there is any reason you would have.  I stumbled across it on Netflix.  If the thumbnail had been an image of a killer robot I would have probably scrolled right past it and never gone back but it wasn’t a robot, something pulled me in and I’m glad it did.

I laughed out loud when I read the first IMDB review of Kill Command because I was thinking the same thing after i watched the film: “…when low budget sci-fi is done right.”.  You won’t be impressed with the special effects but you won’t be put off by them either.  There are no groundbreaking new visual tricks and they don’t re-create a entirely new CGI universe governed by physical laws you never imagined.  This is a near future film that features tech that is beyond, smart and practical.  The killer robots, what they call S.A.R.S, standing for “Study Analyze Reprogram”.

Above all this is an A.I. film.  The film is set in the near future and the tech, while advanced, seems pretty practical.  This, in part, is what helps draw you in.  When they show a cool piece of future tech you can find yourself thinking, “yea, that looks about right.”.  One minor caveat came up, the movie is a little bit predictable.  I ran into the actual situation where I was able to say the exact line a character was about to say before the character said the line.  This was an official and histerical occurrence of movie predictability, it really happened and is verifiable by another human being.  At that moment we both rolled our eyes, laughed out loud and continued to enjoy the film.