Netflix has been releasing a lot of original content in the past year and are ramping up from what I hear.  The latest sci-fi original movie “Spectral” is a pretty good stab at how Netflix might be able to breath life into the dismal genre of sci-fi.  If you’re a sci-fi fan, let’s face it, our camp is in a bad spot right now.  Yes, we have the Star Wars re-boot going on with Rouge One.  Yes, we have a host of re-booted Star Trek Movies.  I’m sure I’m missing a few other re-boots that are worth mentioning. .  You get the point.  A lot of this is re-hashed or re-invented.  Disney will always do it’s best to give us great “family programming” so dark and gritty sci-fi is off the table for a large part.  Spectral is far from dark and gritty but it has an atmosphere that will be familiar to gamers with a explosive military combat sequences and even an epic battle that you won’t be able to deny is inspired by those battles you’d find in any future warfare game.

The story of Spectral is centered on a selfless advanced weapons designer tasked with going into a combat zone to assess an anomaly the military is detecting with some cool goggle black ops shit he designed.  This dude takes every opportunity to kill himself attempting to save just about every other character in the movie.  I like the character more for being a real stand up nerd than for his selflessness though.  All the characters are on-point, without giving away any spoilers: this film is worth the watch in the barren desolate landscape of good sci-fi you haven’t already seen.