If you look around the country you’ll see we are in the tide of a revolution, on many fronts. A substance that has brought together, healed, and inspired many has been prohibited by antiquated laws for far too long is moving swiftly to the status of legal. That is what many fight for, to no longer be criminals if they choose to imbibe. But as we come closer to the final hours, I have been thinking more of not will be, but what has been.

Cannabis in my own life has served as a medium of guidance, friendship, and success. I believe that in itself is the nature of cannabis; to bring joy, inspiration, and calm to people of every nation.
Through the herb I’ve forged long-lasting friendships, become a more open and friendly person, and realized life is about being happy. With every other facet of life I’ve never found something like cannabis that seems like it is too good to be true, but is not. Sure, there are health risk associated with imbibing the herb, but there are also relatively safe and completely to date non-fatal methods of enjoying either recreational or medical cannabis. The point is this is something that should be allowed to anyone of adult age, it is a enhancing experience not unlike that of social networking or virtual reality augmentation. The fact that there are people in a cage, at this moment, for smoking cannabis is sickening. It is my hope that someday we can see past these differences, but until then let’s end prohibition!