When it comes to grinders I think I tend to be a purist.  I don’t want metal shavings in my dry herb.  I don’t want some dude (or chick) putting their grubby little paws all over (what I call “finger fucking”) every little bud.   Come on, you’ve got to use a grinder and there’s nothing like a premium grinder.  I’m not fancy with everything I do and I’m definitely not a fancy pants guy.  I like simple tools but when it comes to grinders not only is it nice to have a nice grinder but there’s nothing like a premium grind.  I’m talking about finding a grinder that gives you the grind you want as well as look nice.  I have a 90mm Diamond Grind I use as main lady.  She is a great grinder, gives a great grind and is large enough to power through large amounts of dry herbs in a hurry as well as store larger amounts for everyday use so you’re not always grinding and grinding more and more dry herb, what a hastle.

So why do we rate the Medtainer so high as far a grinders go.  Well… that’s a complex answer and simple answer: It know what it is and does what it should.  The lowest rating we could muster up for this device was on the Design, and when i say design I’m strictly talking about the aesthetics of the device.  It ain’t too pretty.  I’m sure something will be done about this but if this is the 1.0, that’s fine.  It just isn’t the prettiest container in the world.

The Medtainer stores a perfect pocketable amount of dry herb.  One of my favorite things about these is that they’re pocketable, or portable.  My wife and I use these as our travel containers and they do the job perfectly.  it has a built in grinder on the bottom so if I’m in a hurry I can just throw a couple buds in the storage and I’m out the door and I can grind when I need to.  Most of the time I grind up a good amount using the medtainers grind feature, enough to comfortably fill the storage compartment about half way, and I’m good for awhile.

Yea, but what about the grind?  Let me tell you… the grind is great.  Take a second, it’s not a race.  The medtainer does a great job on my dry herb.  I’ve heard of someone breaking a grinder tooth off on some dry herb as well.  I’m not sorry, I have to ask, “WTF are you grinding anyway?”.  I’ve put my Medtainer through the fucking ringer and I haven’t broken a single tooth from mine.  Maybe I’m just not mentally deficient enough to break it when I use it though.   To me it seems like I get a good grind.  I’m not packing the grind chamber with as much dry herb as I can possibly fit in, I’m just dropping a few small nuggets in and grinding those, doing a few more, dumping it out and continuing until I have my desired amount ground.

One of my most favorite things about the medtainer is the price.  You can easily pick one up for between 9 and 12 dollars.  It gets the job done and it’s cheep!  I don’t like to travel with a large grinder, who does? Am I right?