I’ve been playing Titanfall since it came out. I’m a little embarrassed to say… it’s my main game. I’ve been waiting for this release for a long long time. So what’s missing from Titanfall and why does it leave me wanting more. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fast paced but not too fast. Parkour is on point.

Titanfall one will be dropping it’s exclusivity to XBox One so the sequel will be launched across all next gen consoles, pretty cool. So the gaming community will be expanding for Titanfall, this is nice. They’ll also be having a full single player campaign mode. A lot of people are campaign junkies and I have to say I really enjoy going through a campaign when I get a new game as well. I don’t tend to go back to campaign after it’s complete though. I use campaign to get my skills up and then, once complete, once mastery has been achieved, I go online and start head hunting. There is nothing like playing against another living breathing human.

What We Really Want From Titanfall 2

Gameplay suffers from a simplicity that keeps us all coming back to games like Battlefield, COD and Halo.  The online multiplayer options are so deep you can easily spend an hour customizing your character in the most minute detail in some of these games.  In others you can dig extremely deep into your characters “load-out”, how the character is equipped for combat.  This really gives an added later of strategic advantage, especially when working with teams and when each player playing to their own advantages.  I’d really love to see both character customization come to Titanfall 2.  Titanfall 1 does a pretty good job of allowing you to customize weapons so I’m especially eager to see how they expand that.  I kinda miss bubble shields and grav lifts like in Halo.  I’d also be nice to see some large maps with vehicles, another thing I miss from Halo.

Mech Style Robot with Tank Track Legs

Wouldn’t you love to battle with something more like this?

I know the teaser trailer has the titan wielding a sword.  I’m interested to see how they’ve expanded the titan gameplay style but I hope its not just another option in the form of melee.  I’d love to see the Mech style gameplay be expanded into the new Titanfall 2 game.  I want to see some tank tracks for legs, spider legs and other Mech Style options.  The titans are just a big humanoid robot now, I wanna see some different types of robots like Pacific Rim style. Do Titans need arms?  I don’t know that they do.  Maybe we’re venturing into the Star Wars AT-ST walker style and dreaming of a game that isn’t Titanfall but I think a happy medium can be found to give players a more “hardware” feel when inside a titan rather than just a larger humanoid robot now walking around.

Halo Banshee AircraftTitanfall does a really good job of integrating a vertical dimension to it’s games. I’m talking about being stuck to the floor like in Gears of War.  What if there were some aircraft like in Halo. We all love the banshee… it would be quite spectacular to see some single manned fighting aircraft pop into a few maps here and there.  That would provide titans with some aerial targets as well as another way to combat titans on the ground. I know I’m just dreaming though.


What would you love to see, comment section!