Ok… I thought I had seen all the X-Men movies up to this point but with all the comic book movies coming out I suppose it’s almost impossible to avoid missing one.  Looks like I missed X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I did see X-Men first class which left me wanting more so I suppose that might be why Days of Future Past didn’t register too heavily on my radar and I was able to continue my everyday life without seeing it, up to this point.

Wolverine from X-Men Days of Future PastI streamed “The Rouge Cut” version of the film on HBO Now just a few hours ago.  Getting a little off topic, I got sucked into one of HBO Now’s free trials and didn’t cancel it yet… damn it.  Got charged 14.99 for that bitch but OK, I’ve seen a couple good ones now so it ain’t bothering me too much.  It would be a big help if someone could remind me to cancel that at the end of the month.  Regardless of the charges, X-Men Day’s of Future Past was pretty kick-ass.  Who doesn’t like a movie that starts out with a post apocalyptic future scene ruled by neon lighting and robots.  Hugh Jackman continues as the quintessential Wolverine… who would have thought that someone on earth could actually play Wolverine so well, it makes me laugh just looking at him sometimes.  He really nails it.

One of the reasons for my catch up is the premier of X-Men Apocalypse this week.  I think the first showing here in San Antonio Texas is actually tonight.  It was the perfect time to catch up on this comic book movie because there is a teaser for X-Men Apocalypse after the closing credits.